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Join the NP Rock Yoga Community

“NP Rock started back in 2012 by a dear friend and sister of mine, Julie Ewald. I took over ownership in July of 2017,” shares Mara Lileas. “It felt like a perfect fit because I want to spend more time upstate and be in the Shawangunk Mountains and improve my climbing. I want to be surrounded by nature as much as possible. This community is filled with an amazing range of people from students to teachers, doctors to artists, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.”

We're all just trying to live our lives as best as we can. At NP Rock they believe there are a lot of right ways to do yoga and they want to provide a space for you to practice. A space for everyone to get connected with ourselves. A place where we can witness ourselves wholly and presently, without judgements or expectations. To learn how to use our bodies more efficiently with less effort so we can do all the amazing things we want to do with our lives. “The more we're connected with and care for ourselves the easier it will be to connect with and care for others. We really believe that this kind of outlook is going to make the world a better place to be,” explains Lileas.

NP Rock Yoga offers traditional hot yoga, Vinyasa and restorative yoga. They are open seven days a week. “We'd love to have you. Just show up, for yourself,” invites Lileas.

Location: 215 Main St.. New Paltz. For more information or for schedule, contact 256- 0138 or visit

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