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It’s Time to Give Yourself Permission by Jessica Hans-Smolin

All too often, we get caught up in the demands of our day-today lives that we ignore or neglect our deepest needs. Our ‘produce, produce, produce’ minded society teaches us
to wear our overworked exhaustion as a badge of honor and sign of success. Come in early, leave late, eat at your desk, rinse, repeat.

All the while our minds are screaming for peace and quiet, our souls are screaming for creative experiences and our bodies, a physical outlet. Yet we ignore them to send one more email or finish putting the dishes away. We become so depleted that all we can find the energy to do is sit and mindlessly stare at the TV. It does not have to be this way.

It’s Time to Listen
There are these sweet little voices inside that tell us what we need, whether it is rest, a nourishing meal, a hug from a friend or some quality time with ourselves without disruption. These voices are a deeper body wisdom, spirit wisdom, soul wisdom teaching us how to put ourselves back together again. ‘Eat nourishing food please, take a lunch break outside, move your body, take a nap…please. We have been conditioned to ignore that deeper wisdom and trudge on to get the ‘to-do list’ done, but at what cost? The longer we ignore those voices, the louder they become and soon we find ourselves haunted by the consequences of ignoring them.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you kept dropping things and getting hurt because your body is screaming for rest, but you aren’t honoring its request? Have
you ever carried too many things in your hands because you were in a rush to find you are delayed an additional five
minutes because everything came crashing to the ground? These situations force us to face the consequences of turning our backs on our deepest needs.

So what can we do about it? There is a small subtle thing that you can do that will change your life. Give yourself permission. Give yourself permission to breathe when you need to, eat when you are hungry, sleep when you feel tired. Create a physical ‘permission slip’ to give yourself when something needs to be nourished. It is your physical reminder
to stop and give yourself permission to do what so desperately needs doing.

Make Yourself a Personalized Permission Slip

1 Write on a piece of paper “I give myself permission to_________” Imagine how it would feel to dothat thing, what you would see around you when you are doing it, what you would hear, taste, smell, touch. As you time travel in your mind to this experience, begin to draw and color. Whatever comes out of your hand and onto the paper is beautiful and perfect just as it is. It is a window to your future, a gift from the future you to the present you letting you know how glorious it feels to experience the benefits of honoring your deepest needs.

2 Display your permission slip where you tend to find yourself when you need permission to do that thing. For example, put it on the fridge if you notice you try to fill a need like getting rest or getting a hug with food. Place the note by your computer so you can give yourself a permission to take a break.

3 Do the thing that you are giving yourself permission to do. If you wish, invite others along to help you stay accountable.

4 Once you have completed your permission task, flip the slip over and write yourself a thank you note. “Thank you for __________. I feel ______________ now that I gave myself permission to listen to my deep wisdom and honored what I needed most.”

Isn’t it rewarding to be thanked for an effort, especially one that was challenging to do? You deserve that thank you. Keep the slip and make as many as you need.

The more you flex your ‘I give myself permission’ muscle, the stronger it will become and soon you will find yourself just giving yourself permission to do what you need without having to think about it. You will feel clearer, more energized, more connected to the people you care about and more joyful, peaceful and alive. Who doesn’t want that?

When we stop putting all of our time and energy into avoiding our deepest needs and instead mindfully and lovingly invest our energy into them and honor them, we create abundance of space and time for all of the things we wish we could

I challenge you to give this a try.

Jessica Hans-Smolin is the founder of Free Your Essence Coaching and a transformational coach, social worker and yoga teacher. To explore, make an appointment or simply connect, contact 826-2785 or  or visit

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