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Get a Personalized Wellness Program Tailored Just for You

Chiropractic physician, nutritional counselor and homeopathic practitioner Dr. David Connell brings over three
decades of cutting-edge healthcare experience, chiropractic
care and success to support his clients in developing a comprehensive and personalized wellness program that is easy to follow and effective.
“By combining a variety of modalities including Science
Based NutritionTM (, Nutrition
Response Testing, detailed blood test analysis, and noninvasive and efficient testing in the office, even the most difficult to treat conditions can be managed with outstanding
results,” affirms Dr. Connell. “With appropriate nutritional
supplements, homeopathy and simple diet adjustments,
relief from chronic Lyme disease, fibromyalgia as well as arthritic and chronic inflammation and many other conditions can be achieved with remarkable success.”

Once Dr. Connell determines which nutrients are deficient in the body and which of the body’s organs need support, he works with each client to custom design a program
that works just for them. “Helping new patients that have been though a multitude of other treatments and found no relief or that have been told that nothing more can
be done for them has been the driving force in my work,” he says. “Offering you new answers and options as well as genuine relief from your symptoms is my goal. Let’s meet
soon for your initial consultation and start the journey to wellness together today.”

Locations: 777 Ulster Ave., Kingston and 15 Davis Ave., Poughkeepsie. For more information, call 338-3320 or 485-8582.

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