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Ulster County resident and philanthropist Connie Sportiello, RN, has spent her life educating herself and researching ways to promote health and healing naturally in mind and body.

As a professional nurse in the workforce, Sportiello was offered lucrative opportunities to work for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies but chose a different path toward her life’s purpose. She now spends her time taking care of the sick and mentally ill population living in poverty in her Hudson Valley community.

Sportiello’s unique approach faces an uphill battle promoting wellness holistically in a medical field that is saturated with pressures by the pharmaceutical industry. “Emphasis is placed on teaching people how to attain optimal immunity by reducing free radical exposure while encouraging whole nutrition high in antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories and probiotics to promote wellness and prevent disease and auto-immunity,” she explains.

As a Certified Life Coach, NLP practitioner, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach, Sportiello utilizes methods which practice calming techniques to help improve brain wiring that causes negative thought processes and self-destructive behavior. The focus of her life coaching includes uplifting and empowering people to tap into their strength, encouraging motivation, elevating consciousness, and helping people discover their purpose.

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