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Cause Meets Cure with Functional Medicine, Homeopathy – by Dr. Susanne Saltzman

In her 20 years as a family practitioner in Hartsdale and Spring Valley, Dr. Susanne Saltzman has successfully combined the cause-based approach of functional medicine with the highly individualized remedies that characterize homeopathy.

Now gaining widespread recognition among traditional medical practices, functional medicine treats chronic disease, most of which is inflammatory in nature, Saltzman says. Inflammation is often the result of food sensitivities, poor diet, gut dysbiosis (“too much bad bacteria, not enough good bacteria, or a leaky gut”), environmental toxins, mitochondrial dysfunction or hormone imbalances. “Functional medicine addresses all of these contributing factors,” she says.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, seeks to treat the “essence” of the individual, recognizing that physicians may not always be able to find the cause of someone’s disease, Saltzman says. “Homeopathic physicians understand that every person manifests disease in his or her own unique way, through very specific mental, emotional, and physical symptoms,” she says. These symptoms can serve as a map to the correct constitutional homeopathic remedy, which acts as a catalyst to bring the body back into balance on all levels, she explains. “It is not uncommon for people to say that they feel like themselves again after receiving the correct remedy,” she says.

By emphasizing homeopathic and nutritional medicine, Saltzman seeks to decrease dependency on pharmaceutical drugs while treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions, from autoimmune diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis to anxiety disorders and ADD. She says she has seen remarkable results in thousands of patients, including children. “Parents often notice a marked improvement in their child’s behavior and symptoms within a few weeks of the remedy,” she says.

Susanne Saltzman, MD, practices medicine at 250 E. Hartsdale Ave. Ste. 22, Hartsdale, NY, and 252 Old Nyack Turnpike, Spring Valley, NY. Contact her offices at 914-472-0666.

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