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Bring the Benefits of Tai Chi Power for Your Organization

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In an effort to make the benefits of direct lineage Tai Chi accessible to more people, The Fire Mountain School is offering a special 3 week Tai Chi Ba Fa program for $99. “This program is available to businesses and organizations that wish to improve the quality of life of their employees and membership,” explains founder Sifu Ed D’Urso.

Grand Master Tian Min Wang, a 19th generation successor to the Chen Family Tai Chi, has successfully condensed the principles of Wu Chan Tai Chi into a manageable and easy to learn form that allows the student access to the mental and physical health benefits of Tai Chi, including relaxation, flexibility, a healthy heart and overall sense of well-being.

The value of Tai Chi Ba Fa is found in its ability to restore individuals to their center so they can access the power to naturally adapt to change. This translates to better efficiency at work and better relationships between people. “This is a great program for businesses and organizations because it can help everyone improve the quality of their health and relationships which leads to a more productive, efficient, and happy life. It creates a better work environment for everyone,” explains D’Urso.

Contact Sifu Ed to get started with the Tai Chi Ba Fa program.

Location: 53 Hudson Ave., Nyack. For more information go to or contact Sifu Ed Durso at 893-3160.

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