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True Health is Within Your Reach

“You can thrive if you recognize the underlying stressors that create imbalance within the body and mind. True health is within your reach – you may just need some help,” explains Lisa D’Alessandro, holistic practitioner, health and integrative nutritionist. “With alternative energy tools, balancing therapies, the newest proven technology and proper nutrition you can achieve your goals to lose inflammatory weight, have more energy and improve sleep, immunity and cognitive function.”

She’s excited to introduce the newest infrared sauna system, proven to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature to aid in weight loss, detoxify and provide pain relief, wound healing and relaxation while increasing stress-reduction, cellular health and immunity.

With over 20 years of experience, D’Alessandro delves deeper into the root cause of your physiological stressors and symptoms, using advanced computer biomagnetic equipment which collects weak magnetic fields of cells organ/tissues & bodily systems for analysis.

Energy takes the pathway of least resistance and the NES scan result reveals specific fields and body terrains that are blocked and disrupting how energy flows. By using structured water with equivalent vibrational remedies to gently open blockages, energy flows more freely giving your body back the balance it needs. Cold light laser therapy boosts cellular healing, repairs and reduces neurological stress responses, pain and inflammation.

The more you partner up with nature, especially in specific whole foods, cleaning & beauty products, the more you can boost immune health and experience more gratifying well-being.

For more information, contact 699-3536 or visit or follow her blog at

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