How can I receive information on advertising?

Please go to the advertising tab on our website.  All of the details you need are listed there for you.  You can schedule an appointment to review the various advertising and editorial opportunities. If you would like the information explained to you, please send us an email at   and we will get back to you soon. 


I would like to be in the online digital magazine, is that possible?

Our digital magazine that is distributed online is a mirror copy of our print magazine.  It has the same content and it also has live links.  Therefore, if you advertise with us, your information will be exposed in both our print magazine that is distributed across Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties and in our digital magazine that is distributed to our online readers and shared on all our social media networks.


How can I get Natural Awakenings distributed in my building or at my location?

Please send us an email at and we will gladly start distributing to your location.

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