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Closer Connected Trusting Relationships by Ronnie Figueroa

I believe that most people are truly looking for closer connected trusting relationships, meaning that we are seeking the mutual ongoing acceptance and commitment toward oneself, a person, a couple or group whether together or apart.
To maintain this type of relationship, the most important variable is the need for all those involved to first and foremost learn to live a life of practicing awareness, presence and having positive caring intentions. It sounds relatively easy
on paper, but living this kind of life can be very difficult for many of us. And the main reason for relationship issues is that we have been so conditioned by society that it often can bring ongoing frustration and mistrust.By consistently practicing aspects of awareness, presence and intention, we can connect to each other on a much deeper
level, and with much greater caring, trust and fulfillment for ourselves individually. This can then spark a flame within those that might have a more difficult time living
this reality.

Are there practical steps to use to enhance relationships? Of course. And those practices in and of themselves should be
simple and easy to use. The basic step would be to practice validating the other’s feelings and thoughts, whether you agree with them or not. The next is to always look at your frustrations, fears and doubts and then respond with as much control as you possibly can. Now remember that validate does not mean just giving in to whatever the other thinks or feels, but instead it is having a respect for the other’s opinions no matter how off the wall you may perceive them to be.

And keep in mind that these steps, while important, are not nearly as important as the transformational aspects of awareness, presence and intention. Too many times we rely on the practice and not on the hidden inner voice that is within us all. Learn to hear and adhere to your inner truer self while practicing these techniques and your relationship with yourself and others will flourish in a solid and genuine manner.

I have seen for myself how learning to live this way has helped me be more open to whatever comes my way. And even better yet, I am able to be more open and accepting of
myself. Friends and family have said how much more balanced of a human being I have become and those I serve continue to benefit from my counseling process.

Ronnie Figueroa, MA is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Nutritional Advisor and Energy Healer. He has a private counseling practice in Ulster County and also provides counseling by telephone and Skype. To schedule an appointment, contact 949-205-8357 or visit

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