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Maintain Your Health and Well-Being by Maintaining Your DENTAL HEALTH by Sherri Alpert, DDS

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, but it is equally true that the mouth is the window to the body. Many common diseases show their first symptoms in the oral cavity. For instance, bleeding gums often is the first detectable sign of diabetes. The same pathogens that cause gum disease can cause the arterial plaques which cause heart disease.
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local author profile The Adopted Teen Workbook by Barbara Neiman

Barbara Neiman OTR, an adoptive parent, accompanied her daughter to Russia for a birth search journey. A pediatric occupational therapist of 40 years, her new workbook is: The Adopted Teen Workbook: Develop Confidence, Strength & Resilience on the Path to Adulthood. It helps teens that have experienced adoption, foster care or guardianship in their search for identity. Continue Reading

Getting Emotionally and Cognitively Unstuck by Amy McTear

Sometimes we just can’t seem to pull ourselves out of an emotional rut. Hopelessness, irritability, restlessness, pessimism, worry and fear can persist for so long that we start to believe it is who we are. We may try to exert our willpower, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, but find ourselves falling back into familiar emotional patterns. Continue Reading

Professional Cancer Risk Assessment and Genetic Testing by Dr. Hannah Brooks

Cancer risk assessment and genetic testing can help determine if a person is predisposed to developing cancer in his or her lifetime. It especially helps identify those who may carry a high risk gene mutation inherited from one or both parents. Those identified as high risk patients may benefit from preventive interventions, or more customized screening protocols to identify cancers at earlier, more treatable stages. Knowing one’s risk, and genetic status, may also affect family members.

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ASK JESS: How Do I Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Find Time for Self-Care? by Jessica Hans-Smolin

Q: “I am feeling overwhelmed and over-scheduled. It is affecting my relationships and the quality of my work, I am gaining weight and my clothes don’t fit. I know self-care and better eating would help but I just can’t seem to find time to do it. What can I do? Help!”

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Healing By Divine Love by Thiago de Melo

I’ll go directly to the point: love makes people heal. But if healing is to be true and lasting healing, the love we’re talking
about is not ordinary love but divine love. You get an appointment with the top doctor or the famous healer or you get the latest treatment or technology, but it is the love that brings hope.
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Three Tempting Reasons to GO SOLAR by Tony Delia

Electric rates in New York State are some of the highest in the nation, ranked number 8 in a 2018 USA Today study, with no decrease in sight. The average New Yorker who invests in solar this year will reap the highest tax benefits and on average will own their solar system in seven years. Solar helps New York residents save money on their monthly electric bills and helps to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions. For our future generations, it’s a win-win across the board.
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Finding the Crystals that Resonate for You by Lisa LaCava

Crystals can have an amazing impact on individual’s
lives. Sometimes you are drawn to a crystal without knowing why, or even what crystal it is, but just knowing it has the properties you seek at the moment. Other times you may look for a specific crystal because it has certain properties. For instance, someone may want a crystal to help with courage so may seek out labradorite. However, you may realize you are be drawn to a different crystal that also helps with courage and is more suited to what you truly need in the moment. Trust your intuition and see what resonates for you. Here is a sampling of a few crystals and how they can be beneficial to you. Continue Reading

Camp Profile: Junior Farmers’ Summer Program 2019

Rockland Farm Alliance’s Junior Farmers’ Summer
Program introduces children ages 5 – 10 (entering grades K-5) to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship through discovery, play and plenty of time getting their hands dirty farming in the children’s garden. Continue Reading

Addressing the Pain in Your Body by Tammy Eckert

Did you know there are many different reasons you could have
back pain? Maybe you fell and slipped a disc causing a pinched nerve. You might have slept in your lounge chair for
too many days/nights in a row. Emotional stress may be causing the discomfort in your back, neck, stomach or respiratory, circulatory or nervous systems. So what can you do about the pain? Continue Reading