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Articles from: February 2019

OCLT Receives NYS Grant to Conserve 152-Acre Farm

The Orange County Land Trust has been awarded a NYS Farmland Implementation Program Grant to protect a 152-acre farm in the Town of Montgomery. Willow Hill Farm is a beautiful and well-known horse farm located on a bend in the Wallkill River off of Route 211. This grant will allow the Land Trust to work with the farm’s owners to purchase a conservation easement that will protect the property for agricultural use. Continue Reading

Transformational Pyramid Healing

Tammy Eckert, intuitive healer and owner of Revive in Newburgh, believes the energy within a pyramid is nothing
short of amazing. That is why all of her sessions take place inside a large copper pyramid in her practice. “There are many
ways healing and change take place within the pyramid. One can be as specific as decreasing back pain, and usually removing it altogether, or floating in and out of a
meditation or dream state. Upon ‘waking,’ you’ll feel renewed, restored, rejuvenated and ready for the change or the ‘something different’ that took place while in this
pyramid.” Continue Reading

The Benefits of Mutual Respect by Ed D’Urso

There is a widely shared misconception that a good relationship has no conflict and no suffering, and that the
point of relationships is to eliminate them both. Unfortunately, what happens with that line of thinking is that because no one can eradicate either conflict or suffering, people end up eliminating the love and eventually each other from their lives. Continue Reading

AJ’s Kitchen Opening Winter 2019

It’s not every day that dreams come true. But for Chef AJ Servidio of AJ’s Catering and Take Out, and his brother Doug Faehndrich, it is. The duo are proud to announce the opening of their new restaurant, AJ’s Kitchen. Due to open in the winter of 2019 in the heart of downtown Pearl River, the new
location will offer table seating, take out options and free delivery. AJ’s Kitchen also will showcase local breweries and wineries as well as local artists. Continue Reading

Relationships: The Challenge of a Lifetime by Mignyetta C. Woodlen-Ramnani, LCSWR

Many of us know how challenging relationships can be. We always are in some sort of a relationship. We may not even realize it but we also are in a relationship with ourselves. We ask ourselves what is our purpose, why are we here, where are we going, who are we and why do we think and act the way that we do? We also ask those same questions of the people that we are involved with as we try to understand what exactly makes a person tick. When we look at our culture and society as a whole, we often wonder what went wrong that so many of us are not getting along with each other. We look at divorce rates and wonder is marriage still a worthwhile endeavor. When we have children we are often at a loss on how to communicate with them effectively or how to communicate at all for that matter as they get older. Continue Reading

Don’t Stop Moving by Liz Glover Wilson, 500 RYT and Lori Beers 500 RYT

Let’s talk about intentional movement and how important it
is to our health. Wait. Don’t stop reading. I promise this is
not an exercise article. This is about your health. Continue Reading

Closer Connected Trusting Relationships by Ronnie Figueroa

I believe that most people are truly looking for closer connected trusting relationships, meaning that we are seeking the mutual ongoing acceptance and commitment toward oneself, a person, a couple or group whether together or apart.
To maintain this type of relationship, the most important variable is the need for all those involved to first and foremost learn to live a life of practicing awareness, presence and having positive caring intentions. It sounds relatively easy
on paper, but living this kind of life can be very difficult for many of us. And the main reason for relationship issues is that we have been so conditioned by society that it often can bring ongoing frustration and mistrust. Continue Reading

Get a Personalized Wellness Program Tailored Just for You

Chiropractic physician, nutritional counselor and homeopathic practitioner Dr. David Connell brings over three
decades of cutting-edge healthcare experience, chiropractic
care and success to support his clients in developing a comprehensive and personalized wellness program that is easy to follow and effective. Continue Reading

It’s Time to Give Yourself Permission by Jessica Hans-Smolin

All too often, we get caught up in the demands of our day-today lives that we ignore or neglect our deepest needs. Our ‘produce, produce, produce’ minded society teaches us
to wear our overworked exhaustion as a badge of honor and sign of success. Come in early, leave late, eat at your desk, rinse, repeat. Continue Reading

Dental Care for Children in the 21st Century by Dr. Sherri Alpert

Every parent is challenged with the task of keeping their children healthy. One of the more difficult challenges may be bringing your child to the dentist for the restoration of cavities. Of course, the best plan is to instill in your child good nutrition and good oral hygiene so that they don’t get cavities in the first place. Continue Reading