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Articles from: December 2018

Meditation Soothes Anxiety and Improves Focus

Even a single mindfulness meditation session can significantly reduce anxiety and lower heart rates, Michigan Technological University research shows. F ourteen people with mild to moderate anxiety participated in a 20-minute introductory meditation, a 30-minute mindful scan of each body part seeking areas of stress and a 10-minute selfguided meditation. An hour later, the meditators showed both lower resting heart rates and anxiety levels. A week later, they continued to report less anxiety.

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Dark Chocolate Proven Healthier than Ever

Dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cacao can have positive effects on stress levels, inflammation, mood, memory and immunity, according to two new studies from Loma Linda University, in California.

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Bridge Reborn: Tappan Zee Repurposed into Reef

The old Tappan Zee Bridge, a three-mile span over New York’s Hudson River, is being turned into several artificial reefs off Long Island. Barge loads of decades-old concrete chunks and steel will significantly expand a state-managed artificial reef program to provide new habitats that increase the diversity of marine life, promote recreational fishing and diving, and bolster economic development. The Tappan Zee, which opened in 1955 and was replaced in 2017, was once a vital crossing just north of New York City, carrying nearly 140,000 vehicles a day at its peak. Some parts are destined for recycling centers and scrap yards, while others are being repurposed.

Rosemary Lowers the Blues, Aids Sleep and Memory

In a double-blind, randomized study at Iran’s Kerman University of Medical Sciences, 68 university students took either 500 milligrams of rosemary or a placebo each day for one month. Those taking the rosemary saw their levels of anxiety and depression significantly reduced and their memory scores boosted by 14 percent; students reporting nights of good sleep rose from 47 percent to 62 percent.

Five Healthy Habits Add Years of Life

Analyzing why Americans have a lower life expectancy when compared to most other developed countries, Harvard researchers used 34 years of data on more than 120,000 health professionals to focus on five lifestyle factors that promote longevity. They found that women and men lived on average 14 years and 12 years longer, respectively, if they had a healthy body weight (between 18.5 and 24.9 BMI), never smoked, exercised at moderate- to-vigorous levels at least 30 minutes a day, ate a healthy diet and drank only moderately (one five-ounce glass of wine for women, two for men).

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A Dynamic Shift by Tammy Eckert

What would you be able to create in your reality if you released your emotional baggage from your life? There are several ways you can do exactly that including a body process called The BarsTM, created by Gary Douglas. The Bars are a series of 32 points on your head, which, when lightly touched, release energy stuck in the brain and body allowing for tremendous change. ‘Running the Bars’ takes the thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments and beliefs which do not benefit you and are electromagnetically stored in the brain and begins to release them. This process allows the brain waves to go from beta, fast activity waves to much more relaxed theta waves in the course of a session. Every session is different. Results range from feeling as relaxed as if you’ve received an amazing massage to your whole life changing for the better.

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What is Your Relationship with Time? by Jessica Hans-Smolin

Oh, you slippery experience called time. Just when I think I have you in my grip, I turn my gaze and you quickly fall between my fingers, like grains of sand back to the shore.

Many of us operate under a scarcity clause with our relationship to time:

There is never enough time in the day

Time is fleeting

Where did the time go?

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Practitioner Space Available in Newburgh

Intuitive healer Tammy Eckert, owner of Revive, is looking for healers seeking a location for their clients in the Newburgh area. “The space is beautiful, and the cost is thirty dollars per hour or 25 percent of whatever they charge, whichever is less,” she says. “Possible practitioners include massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, rolfing practitioners, chiropractors, readers or anyone who would like to work within the sacred space Revive offers.”

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Eliminate Toxins for Better Health by Lisa D’Alessandro

Pollutants whether consumed, breathed in or absorbed through the skin, not only wreak havoc in the intestinal tract but they become suppressed in our extracellular tissues and bind to the fat cells which means there are toxins in those fat cells. This build-up of toxic obesogens, or endocrine disrupters, accumulate and clog up the liver which can lead to dis-ease and impact weight.

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Upcoming Events at Ananda Ashram

Ananda Ashram’s Winter Holiday events, being held December 21 through January 1, will offer a rich variety of programs and celebrations including daily meditation programs, hatha yoga, open Sanskrit classes and an 11-day retreat.

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