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Articles from: April 2015

Teach a Child to Garden by Suzanne Barish

There is one sure method of convincing our picky young eaters to try a new vegetable. Ask them to grow it first. According to a study in The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, “kids who are involved in growing their food tend to have healthier diets.” When children participate in their food cycle from the soil to the supper table, they develop a deeper understanding of how those broccoli florets and crisp chard leaves arrive on their plates. Instead of approaching new vegetables with apprehension, they will take pride in them, feeling responsible for having given them life.

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Accessing Nature’s Wisdom by Kate Fox

In my work with young people outdoors I have observed firsthand how kids experience nature. I’ve seen tiny infants in arms take notice of the fresh breeze and I’ve watched teens sneaking through the woods covered in mud. These kids are demonstrating complete engagement, a particular kind of attention and focus that nature inspires in us. They greet nature openly and trust that being outside can be a fun adventure.

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Put the Brakes on Summer Brain Drain with Bricks 4 Kidz

“Parents and kids alike sigh with relief at the end of another school year. Yet studies show that summer ‘brain drain’ is a very real phenomenon. Where kids are intellectually at the end of one school year isn’t always where they are when they begin a new one. Over the summer, the average student loses more than two months of grade-level equivalency in math skills. Luckily parents have somewhere to turn with Bricks 4 Kidz, shifting summer breaks into learning opportunities,” shares Tina Bossio of Bricks 4 Kidz.

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Awakening Your Curiosity for the Everyday by Ed D’Urso

Recently a student asked me: "How do you use Conscious Fighting to get out of bed in the morning?" It was a magnificent question, for it expressed a desire for a new approach to a mundane task and an uncommon curiosity in a world full of the need for certain answers, accurate predictions, and guaranteed results. For anyone who has mastered the art of the snooze button or ever dragged themselves out of bed in the morning, a different answer could lead to a life change.

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Happy Spring from Crystal Connection!

“The Crystal Connection Center allows the experience of crystal consciousness and the wisdom of the planet for the benefit and harmony of our community. We raise the vibration of those who walk through our doors, helping to bring out more of you. We are a retail store with an experience of dynamic magnificence—a space that is sacred for all of the mineral kingdom, a space to experience and play, a space to heal and share in the love of crystals in every way,” explains Travis Ogden, new partner with the store.

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Spring Cleaning A Reason for the Season by Dana DiTrani

Moving into a new season creates a welcome and positive shift that represents a fresh start. Many pleasant thoughts come to mind when we think of the spring season, especially after a long and cold winter. In fact, the word spring itself even connotes a movement forward—a spring in your step, spring forward, spring into action.

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Nature as Teacher by Laurie Seeman

If life is measured in time, how do we spend our time?

One of the greatest teachers of time, and also relationships, is the natural world that lies right outside our door. Yet most of us find ourselves increasingly rushing from one thing to the next, functioning like machines as we make sure everyone is on schedule, barely catching a breath. Time to relax and connect with nature is mainly reduced to vacation days. What does this lifestyle teach our children and for what kind of life does this prepare them?

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New Relationship Show Broadcasts from Nyack

The Relationship Goddess Medicine Show broadcast its premiere episode at Rockland World Radio in Nyack on March 2. Show host Yaj creates a lively, informative and entertaining radio and internet TV show about relationships. Topics include marriage, divorce, dating, parenting, sexuality, sacredness and how to keep the humor in it all as we travel life’s journey.

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Transforming False Truths by Esther Moskovitz

During a therapy session my client Rachel, a bright, loving, generous woman, uttered the following two statements:

I never felt my love was good enough. I somehow always felt it was defective.

I always thought that the way to show someone love was to help them solve their problems.

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Fourth Annual Outdoor Earth Week Green Fair

On Sunday, April 26 from 10 3 p.m., The B Hive Organic Salon will host its fourth annual Outdoor Earth Week Green Fair and Market. The event will include great products such as local honey, handmade candles and body products, henna and glitter tattoos, face painting, balloons and much more for the whole family.

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