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Articles from: August 2014

Dental Sealants for Adults and Kids by Dr. Cyril Mansperger

What is a dental sealant?

A dental sealant is a coating of thin resin that is applied directly on the chewing surfaces of healthy, cavityfree back teeth, where decay occurs most frequently. The sealant protects by acting as a barrier for the pits and fissures in teeth. They can be compared to the “nooks and crannies” of an English muffin. These areas tend to be hard to keep clean as they are not easily accessible with a toothbrush.

Is it a complicated procedure?

Sealing a tooth is a quick, easy procedure. The teeth that will be sealed will be cleaned first, and then the tooth is conditioned to help the sealant stick to the biting surface. The sealant is then painted on and then hardened by a special curing light. The whole process only takes a few minutes per tooth.

How long do sealants last?

The tooth surface will be protected as long as the sealant remains intact. Sealants, whether on baby or adult teeth, hold up well and can last for many years under normal chewing conditions.

Aren’t sealants just for kids?

Children and teenagers commonly get sealants because there is a higher probability of them developing decay as they work towards better oral hygiene habits. Adults, however, can benefit from sealants as well. By evaluating a person’s risk for this type of decay, it can be determined if sealants are the right choice. The risks can vary over time and may increase if there are changes in health, medications or even dental habits. History of decay and dry mouth (xerostomia) are also factors a dentist will consider during an evaluation.

Do sealants save you money?

Prevention is always better than costly treatment. When considering that properly applied and maintained sealants are extremely effective in preventing decay, they become a very cost-effective measure. The average sealant costs $45 to 60, compared to a filling which can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition, most insurance plans cover sealants possibly reducing your out of pocket expense even further.

Preventing tooth decay by maintaining a healthy mouth is always the first line of defense, but it can’t hurt to take advantage of the tools available to prevent decay which can pose a problem in the future.

Dr. Cyril Mansperger is an eco-friendly dentist who provides general dental procedures with a special emphasis on health, functionality and aesthetic design. His office is located at 202 Fishkill Ave. in Beacon. For more information, call 831- 3435 or visit

Non-surgical Treatment of Spinal Issues

As one of the few board certified chiropractic orthopedists in the area, Dr. Hargis, owner of Warwick Brain and Spine Therapy, offers a high degree of expertise in the treatment of spinal and orthopedic problems with drugless, non-surgical means. “Most physicians order MRI scans and spinal x-rays lying down,” says Dr. Hargis. “However, understanding how the spine is stressed and shifts under our body weight reveals the true nature of spinal pain if the spine is evaluated from an engineering standpoint.”

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What Do You Do For a Living? Career Guidance in a Changing World by Catherine Goshen

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?” asked Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. —Lewis Carroll, ‘Alice in Wonderland’

In a recent survey, 64 percent of college seniors expressed serious doubts about their choice of academic major. Another survey of 1.7 million workers by Gallup showed that only approximately 20 percent felt that they used their best strengths every day at work. And probably more than half of all the people you know are involved in work or study which may not be an ideal fit for them. Is this inevitable? How does it happen?

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Development through Chi Gung by Chris DeTora

In the practice of chi gung there is a clear developmental process. It is natural and mirrored in the natural world. The Chinese view the person as a microcosm of the universe. So it follows that many of the systems to come out of China—martial, meditative, religious, medical, cultural and feng shui traditions to name a few—embrace the idea of seeking compatibility with natural processes.

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ORMC Art Program – Fall Focus on Farms

Farm Art from the Wallkill River School – September 19-October 31 Salt of the Earth – November 13 – December 19

In celebration of fall, ORMC will present two art exhibits focusing on local farms and the seasonal harvest.

The exhibit, Farm Art from the Wallkill River School, features local artists’ colorful paintings of Orange County farms, including works created during the school’s yearlong Farm Art Trail project which paired an artist-in-residence with a partner farm.

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Labor Day Celebration Weekend at Shanti Mandir

Shanti Mandir in Walden offers a variety of events throughout the year. With great love and respect, we invite you to the Labor Day Celebration weekend where you can sample some of those events all in one weekend.

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Understanding Autism by Andrea Lynn Waronker

What do you think when you see a screaming child in the local supermarket? Do you think poor discipline, spoiled or bratty? Since autism affects 1 in 68 children, it’s quite possible that the screaming child is autistic. That child is upset because he or she has sensory overload. Autism is a neurological condition that makes children hypersensitive to touch, feel and sight.

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Is a Progressive Education a Good Fit For Your Child? by Beth Norman

Whether just beginning to contemplate the right path for your child’s educational journey, or perhaps you’re thinking your child could benefit from an alternative approach to what they are currently getting, a progressive education is an option to consider.

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Waldorf Education and the Use of Technology by Vicki Larson

According to the Kaiser Foundation, children and youth use four to five times the recommended amount of technology, with serious consequences. Electronic technology and media have the power to take us outside our bodies and outside time: by their very nature—think of the word media—they mediate our experience of the physical world.

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Gong and Singing Bowl Meditations

Dean and Kat Baker of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, opened Lapis Studio: Serenity Through Sound over four years ago to enhance public awareness of the benefits of harmonics and sound therapy. The pair is well-known in the community for offering extraordinary gong baths.

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