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Articles from: September 2013

Chelation Therapy What is It and Who Can Benefit? by Barbara Gordon-Cohen, D.O.

Chelation therapy was first used in the 1950s to treat patients for lead poisoning. Doctors were fascinated to notice improvements in other medical conditions, especially in regards to heart disease and circulatory issues. With the development of major heart surgery many doctors stopped using chelation therapy however some still continue to make it available to their patients as they have experienced good results.

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What’s On Your Plate? by Michelle Bybel

When you think about what nourishes you, do you think about food? Most people do however, what nourishes your life may be more important than the proteins, carbs and fats you ingest. True nourishment comes from your relationships, career, finances, spirituality, recreation, relaxation and physical activity – it’s about your hunger for life. When you are not feeling fulfilled or balanced in all of those life areas, you often need more nutrition for your soul to discover, or rediscover, true meaning in your world.

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Women’s Enrichment Expo in Sparkill

The Women’s Enrichment Expo: A Step Beyond Wellness is being held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, October 6 at Union Arts Center in Sparkill. This oneof- a-kind event for women is presented by BE An Enrichment Center for Women located in Nyack.

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What are the Benefits of Yoga for Children? by Doreen Foxwell

Parents often wonder what the benefits of yoga are for their children. There have been several recent studies that have demonstrated the positive relationship between meditation and yoga with higher grades and performance in school. There are countless other benefits for children as well.

Yoga and the Body

Yoga can improve a child’s endurance in sports and activities by increasing their lung capacity from yoga breathing (pranayama) and chest opening poses. Special breathing techniques also can help quiet their minds. This improves concentration and focus so that children can function better in stressful or noisy situations.

Yoga can increase blood flow throughout the circulatory system so that it can move efficiently bringing oxygen to the muscles being used. Also, the muscular system can become more flexible and strengthened by practicing yoga poses/postures (asana). The skeletal system, including the spine, will stay strong and healthy as the child’s body changes and grows. Additionally, the immune system will be enhanced allowing the body to defend against cold and flu season.

Toddlers through Teens

If you have ever wondered if a toddler can sit through a yoga class, the answer is “yes”. When toddlers are taught yoga in an age appropriate manner, they can then bring what they learn into their school years, giving them an advantage or head start on being able to self -discipline or self-regulate their actions and/or behaviors.

School aged children and teens can benefit from yoga by allowing them to accept the changes in their body in a healthy, non-competitive environment. Yoga is a wonderful tool or life skill that children can utilize throughout their life as they become successful adults.

Doreen Foxwell is the founder of The Children’s School of Yoga with locations and franchise opportunities throughout the Hudson Valley and several states nationwide. For more information, visit or contact 782-YOGA.

19th Annual Farmers’ Festival

Hungry Hollow Co-op is excited to announce their annual Farmers’ Festival which is being held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 28, rain or shine. The Co-op began hosting this event in 1994, just a year after moving into its present location on the corner of Hungry Hollow Road and Chestnut Ridge Road. The original purpose of the festival was to highlight the ways the community supported local agriculture and that mission still is at the heart of the event.

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Weekend New Warrior Training Program for Men in Cold Spring

The Mankind Project (MKP), a not-forprofit men’s organization, brings its New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) to Cold Spring, NY, October 4 to 6. On a mission to “heal the planet one man at a time,” MKP has initiated more than 65,000 men worldwide through this flagship training program. “The NWTA is a powerful, experiential weekend that helps men explore different aspects of their lives,” says Jon Wilson, a leader in the NY Metro area MKP. “MKP’s goal is to help men become more emotionally intelligent and mature by embracing the core values of integrity, accountability, authenticity and respect for all mankind. We teach men how to be more accountable to others, how to be role models and what mature manhood really means.” Men who wish to register for the New York Metro NWTA can email Enrollment Coordinator Andras Bucsinszky at [email protected] or visit for more information. MKP is a brotherhood that supports men to “Wake up, grow up, and show up,” with gatherings every week in communities around the world. “The ripples from the work that these men are doing in groups and trainings has impacted hundreds of thousands of people and profoundly helped families and communities,” says Wilson, noting that two MKP members received Presidential “Champions of Change” awards last year for their work with veterans and children. “We are here to restore sacred masculinity for our time,” Wilson adds. “Men are warriors and the true, new warrior lives his life in service to himself and his world.” To learn more about the Mankind Project, visit

Is Yoga a Religion? by Tim Shannon

Many people have asked me the question “Is yoga a religion?” They usually preface this with “Would yoga conflict with my religious beliefs?” I believe yoga is a spiritual but not religious practice.

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Little Shanti Yoga Empowers Kids

“Allow kids to feel empowered, strong, and free as they explore their own bodies through yoga,” encourages Miss Wendy, founder of Little Shanti Yoga. “They will bring balance into their lives using movement, expression, and breath. The benefits of yoga for kids are endless. As I like to remind my students, yoga starts with your brain and ends with your toes.”

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My Buddy-N-Me Wellness Center Moves to a New Space

Gail Rossi, owner of My Buddy-N-Me Wellness Center is excited to announce that she recently moved her
store to a new location just across the street from her
previous location.

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Yantra-Mandala Sacred Painting by Pieter Weltevrede and Mavis Gewant

Mandala, a Sanskrit word meaning circle, is part of an old tradition intended to evoke divine energies. As circles are a symbol of creation, mandalas go deep into the subconscious and allow feelings and stories to come out. Carl Jung used mandalas to connect the unconscious and bring to light one's uniqueness and individuality. As an effective healing tool, they go deep into the core of the psyche resulting in change on a deep cellular level.

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