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Articles from: June 2013

Unique Music Learning and Discovery Course

This summer join Ananda Ashram for a week-long “Music Learning and Discovery Course” with Acharya Roop Verma. Beginning on Monday, July 8, Acharya Roop Verma will share a concise system of musical training which he has applied successfully at music schools and universities around the world.

This course is designed to impart new techniques for developing vocal and instrumental proficiency, skill and control. Students will learn principles and techniques of Indian classical music, experiencing basic sounds and rhythms and exploring the evolution of notes, scales, ragas, compositions and improvisation.

Acharya Roop Verma teaches the traditional and authentic aspects of musicmaking in unique ways that can be applied to any Eastern or Western form of music. He is an internationally respected sitarist, composer and teacher of Indian classical and sacred music, meditation and Nada Yoga philosophy. He was formally trained in the oral tradition under highly revered teachers of our time: maestros Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati and Swami Shyam of the Himalayas. Roop Verma has performed and taught widely in Europe, North and South America, India and Northern Africa and conducts Nada Yoga intensive retreats internationally. As director of the East-West School of Music, he regularly teaches and performs at Ananda Ashram.

The course runs through Sunday, July 14 and classes will be held twice daily from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 3 to 5 p.m.

Location: 13 Sapphire Rd., Monroe. To register and for supply list, call 782-5575 or visit

Virtual Gathering Space for Holistic Practitioners

Connect with other holistic practitioners in the Hudson Valley area with a new virtual space hosted by Mightybell. Gather to share ideas, advice and knowledge to help one another grow. Founder Meg Hagar explains, “this virtual space is like a combination of Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn, where we can share thoughts, start discussions and post photos or links to useful information. Together, we can create networking events or even just create online relationships with like-minded practitioners. This is not a space to advertise business, but more a space to support each other and grow.”

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Living Path Yoga Studies Tasting Sessions

Shanti Mandir Ashram in Walden will be offering Level 1 and Level 2 study programs and teacher trainings. The Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Training Level 1 is being held July 29 – August 16 and Level 2 will be held August 19 – August 30.

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The Breath of Inspiration by Alan Levin

Breathe in – Breathe out

Breathe – Be Breathed

Breathe in – Be inspired

Breathe out – Be inspiring

Breathe in – Let life in

Breathe out – Let life out

Breathe in Humility

Breathe out Strength

Breathe in Living

Breathe out Dying

Breathe in Receiving

Breathe out Giving

Breathe in Accepting

Breathe out Confronting

Breathe in Being born

Breathe out Giving birth

Breathe in Embracing the Daemon

Breathe out Facing the Demon

Breathe in the World of Nature

Breathe out your Essential Nature

Breathe in Wholeness

Breathe out Wholeness

Breathe In – Breathe Out

Alan Levin is a psychotherapist in Nyack. He considers your breath, your body and your place in the human family and world as well as your thoughts and feelings in the therapeutic work. For more information, visit

Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Training

Immerse yourself in the transformational benefits of the yogic path by being a part of the upcoming Living Path Yoga Studies and Teacher Trainings at Shanti Mandir Ashram in Walden. Experience the deep traditions and practices to find their direct living application and relevance and develop appreciation of the subtlety of the body, the mind and consciousness.

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The Right Reasons for Tree Pruning by John Wickes

Who doesn't like to sit in the shade of a big old oak tree or lay under the branches of leafy maple? Trees provide us with a beautiful vista, cool shade and the very oxygen we breathe. When the health of our trees decline though, it is more than just an aesthetic nuisance because unhealthy trees, if left untreated, can become hazardous.

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Nourishing your Body with the Seasons by Hope Owens-Henry

With the massive amount of information available today, the process of deciding what to eat can be overwhelming. Every time you turn on the television, read an article, search the web, or go into a bookstore, you are bombarded with diets and a new way to eat. How are you to choose what is right for you? The answer can be found by looking outside of your window. Nature teaches us about balance. It is time to get out of the computer and technological world and return to what is natural. We must re-learn all that we have been taught. We must incorporate all of our vital macronutrients into our diet. Our bodies depend on carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, each of which has a distinct purpose. Restricting foods or depriving ourselves will eventually lead to cravings and bingeing on high calorie sugary and salty snacks.

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Acupuncture for Pain Management by Beth Small, LAc.

Acupuncture has long been recognized as both an effective alternative and complement to traditional Western medicine, specifically when implemented to manage pain and assist in the maintenance of one’s personal health and overall well-being. Various treatment plans can be designed to help patients manage a wide range of issues including stress, fatigue, allergies, chronic aches, migraines and gynecological problems.

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Free Teleseminar on Emotional Eating

Healthy Mindset Coaching will host a free teleseminar at 7 p.m. EST on Wednesday, June 26. “Create Healthy Wealth” will help participants learn to release the emotional connections that keep them from transforming their mindset, body and business. During this event, attendees will discover the real “foundation” of their business or career, why we use food to cope and why it’s a problem, the top six ways emotional eating holds you back in your personal and professional life, and how changing your mindset will help you transform yourself and your business.

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New Groups and Gatherings in Newburgh

The Healing Arts Studios in Newburgh is happy to announce that spring has brought in new ongoing groups, gatherings and meditations focused on energy healing, meditation, human consciousness, evolution and peace.

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