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Articles from: May 2013

Scout Troop Yoga and Organic Gardening

Wendy Messano, or Miss Wendy to her students, is a certified kids’ yoga instructor and holistic health coach for children and their families. She believes that living the most natural, simplest kind of life is the key to feeling whole. As she explains, “Habits start young and it feels good knowing that I am passing on these good habits to kids at such an early age. I only hope they will take it with them for the rest of their lives. The benefits of yoga and eating right are endless.

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Free Body Readings and Introduction to Core Energetics

“Every body holds old trauma,” shares Core Energetics practitioner Diana Buonocore. “Body readings are an integral part of how I help my clients. Our bodies hold vital information about what is blocking us in our life and also where our strengths lie. Body readings allow me to look at the body and read where the trauma lies. By releasing the trauma, which can be perceived or real, physical, emotional and or psychological, we can get past whatever is holding us back.”

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Colon Health

The colon is a reflex organ. It is connected to all parts of the body so it is important that the colon does not start to weaken due to the build-up of waste material. Over time this can lead to sluggishness and the slowing down of other bodily functions. When this does occur, some symptoms may be coated tongue, dark circles under the eyes, brittle nails and hair, sallow complexion, abnormal body odor and fatigue. Even allergies, chronic headaches, irritability, nausea, asthma and indigestion can be indicators.

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Massage Therapy and a Woman’s Health by Jen Servidio

When it comes to a woman’s health, massage therapy is not just for relaxation. It also can be for overall wellbeing. So, what does it mean to be well? For many women, that answer may be eating a healthy diet. For others, it is making enough time to exercise daily or getting a good’s nights rest. For some, the answer is receiving regular massage sessions that focus on reducing stress and aiding in overall health and wellness.

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Discovering your Guardian Angel with Meditation by Jenna Stone

Angels are considered by many to be messengers created to assist humans in their daily lives and to protect them from harm. Many times angels will appear in human form to assist those in need. Have you ever been driving and a “voice” or your intuition told you to take a different route only to later find out that there was an accident where you were heading? This is no coincidence—we are all connected to our guardian angels, even if we are unaware.

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Practitioner Profile: Erica Trestyn

Erica Trestyn

Founder, Cultivate Nourishment


[email protected]

Certifications: MA, Art Education, Certified Holistic Health Coach, American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Licensed Acupuncturist Accepting New Patients

Beth Small, an acupuncturist licensed in New York and New Jersey, has worked in the field of traditional Chinese medicine since 1999, and currently is accepting new patients at her Bergen and Rockland County offices. Small focuses her practice on pain management techniques, treating prenatal and obstetric problems, stress, depression and migraine-related therapies as well as cosmetic acupuncture.

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How to Cultivate Gratitude by Cynthia Fuller-Kling

Pay Attention to the Blessings around You

With the rapid pace of technology many also feel an equal quiet inner calling to make time for simple pleasures, like hearing and seeing what's growing outside in the natural world, especially in this beautiful season called springtime. One of the sweetest gifts of spring is to wake up each morning to the chorus of birds singing. The delight in seeing perennial plants rise and leaf out little by little each day or the joy in witnessing the playground of activity amongst the squirrels, rabbits, robins and cardinals hopping, scampering, fluttering, and generally tootling around calms and refreshes the spirit when we stop and take notice.

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Sign-up Reminder for Upcoming Dissolving Delusion and Re-Visioning Your Life Meditation Retreat with Paul Jaffe


Dissolving Delusion and Re-Visioning Your Life Meditation Retreat with Paul Jaffe

June 7-13, 2013 (or just come for June 7-9 weekend)

Woodstock, NY

Take a dive into your inner being and begin living your life from a deeper place. In this retreat we will use an innovative form of an ancient meditation to quickly go into deep states and to learn to really use meditation as a path to freedom. With that foundation, the second part of the retreat will work with sensory meditations and then lead you in a profound process of Re-Visioning your Life. Come prepared for powerful states of peace, insight and new directions in your life. 

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Skintritious™ Now Open in Monroe

Meg Hagar, owner of Skintritious, a nutritional skincare company, is pleased to announce her second location is now open in Monroe. “Our philosophy is to teach you how to eat right for your skin and provide you with top quality products and services. We offer natural handmade skin care products that we make by combining internal and external methods, (nutrition + skincare). Our products are all natural and handmade with fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. Along with products, Skintritious offers one-on-one skincare and nutrition consultations, customized facials and skincare advice,” explains Hagar.

Skintritious provides treatments in a relaxing, rejuvenating and healing environment where clients can enjoy facials, de-stressing back treatments and hand and eye treatments. Each treatment includes a brief nutritional skincare consultation.

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