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Articles from: November 2012

The Autumn Phase of Transformation by Neil R. Borodkin

The autumn phase of energy transformation in nature and in the individual is about descension. It actually begins as we pivot from the heights of expansion reached at the summer solstice and from our contact with the world around us.

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Healthy, Delicious Desserts by Teodora Touzharova

There are so many healthy, easy, and delicious desserts that we can prepare that will satisfy our sweet tooth without any guilt and without any added sugar. Natural unprocessed sweeteners, such as dates and honey, are ideal alternatives to refined sugar. Dates, while high in natural sugar in the form of fructose, also come with a good amount of fiber and contain a variety of minerals and vitamins. Honey, while also high in natural sugar, mostly fructose and glucose, also has vitamins, minerals, pollen and protein. Honey also boosts immunity, is a great cough suppressant and is said to possess many other healing qualities.

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Inside Out: Find Your Passion by George Toth

Have you ever done something that has never been done before? With about seven billion people in the world what can you do, what can you create, what can you solve that no one person has ever done before? The question may seem daunting at first. Can the wires in your brain connect in a unique way to invent new technology, develop a new song or solve an unsolved problem? The answer is yes.

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Yoga to Invigorate and Inspire by Kelly Kamm

As the days get shorter and the cold is upon us it’s easy to feel lackluster and unmotivated. Instead of falling prey to the television and couch how about trying a few simple yoga poses to kick-start your body, mind, and spirit?

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Why Women Should Strength Train with Weights by Nunzio Signore

Strength training is something that can benefit every woman with every body type, yet many women who work out in gyms tend to shy away from strength training. Strength training with 70 to 85 percent of a one rep maximum is not only beneficial, but necessary for the female species. Most females have a lower strength to body weight ratio than males. Females also put on more lower body fat as they mature than males, not to mention the high-risk of osteoporosis as they get older. A full body strength workout accompanied by a short metabolic workout can not only make a woman leaner, but help her to move better too.

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The Power of Manifestation by Kathleen McPhillips

Many adults have forgotten how to dream and no longer know what is fulfilling. We go through life doing what we have to do. We get up, go to work, come home, eat, and sleep. Then we get to do it all over again, day after day. In this process of going through the motions of life we lose that part of ourselves that knows who we are, what we love, and how to live more fully.

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Helping Kids Find Their Passion by Kate Fox

Finding our purpose and passion in life sounds like a great idea, but how we actually do that is a life-long challenge. As parents, we would like to see our children live life to the fullest and take advantage of the motivation and focus that come with acting on one’s interests.

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Celebrating Solitude by Rachel Astarte Piccione

"Being solitary is being alone well: being alone luxuriously immersed in doings of your own choice, aware of the fullness of your own presence rather than of the absence of others." —Alice Koller

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What Does It Mean to Be Creative? by Sylvia D’Andrea

The Master has Whispered in my Ear

What does it mean to be creative? Painters, sculptors and writers all use their creativity. Creativity also is employed by a mother who dreams up activities to keep her children entertained. It's utilized by the corporate manager who needs to keep a staff of sales people motivated. We all are being creative when we produce a product, an object or a hoped-for outcome.

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