Monthly Editorial Calendar

In each issue Natural Awakenings local magazines provide their loyal readers with the resources they need to live a healthier, more sustainable and more balanced life. We will be focusing on issues that directly affect our lives.

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2019 Editorial Calendar
January – Health and Wellness plus Strengthen Organ Vitality and Healthy Homes
February – Relationships plus Heart Health and Socially Conscious Investing
March – Natural Foods plus Nutrition Upgrades and Managing Allergies 
April – Sustainable Living plus Creative Arts Therapy
May – Women’s Wellness plus Mental & Emotional Well-Being and Healthy Vision
June – Brain Health plus Men’s Wellness and Green Building Trends
July – Local Foods and Urban & Suburban Agriculture plus Gut Health
August – Children’s Health and Wellness plus Natural Pet Care
September – Vibrant at Any Age plus Yoga Therapy and Age-Defying Bodywork
October – Oral Health and Chiropractic Care
November – Better Sleep and Natural Sleep Solutions plus Optimal Thyroid Function
December – Uplifting Humanity
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